Finding the Right List Broker

There are numerous list brokers to choose from; unfortunately, not all list brokers are created equal. It’s important to ensure the reputation, experience, and accuracy of information provided, among others.

During the ‘90s, the most influential mode of advertising is through television and print. Thanks to modern technology, now we can address specific groups of audiences through direct marketing. In this type of advertising, marketing companies communicate to their prospect clients using emails or direct mailing strategy. List brokers scout for contact information of prospect clients through marketing research companies. In email listing, brokers send a mass or group message detailing the seller’s offer. Direct mailing, on the other hand, is done by sending individual mails to the physical residential addresses of potential buyers. It is needless to say that the contact information should be accurate and appropriate, thus, we are giving you some tips on how to choose the right list broker for you.

Information Accuracy

A standard email list broker maintains a database which is consists of over 20 million business listings from all over the world which is updated at least once every six months. The main job of a list broker is to generate leads from a particular industry and forwards the information your company already sifted and sorted. Now, we know that these kinds of information, basically the demographics of prospects, are being sold by third-party affiliations. These transactions are not necessarily legal but it is permitted to aid business operations. In choosing the right list broker for you, it is important that the sorted lead contacts have been updated from one to three months prior to your obtaining them. It would be unethical for list brokers to conduct unfair business and provide inaccurate information to their clients primarily because these kinds of transactions seem normal in the industry.

Types of Lists

One important factor to consider when choosing your list broker is whether they are selling a compiled or response list. A complied list is basically just a compilation of all contact information of prospects from a particular industry. It is oftentimes cheaper than the response list because the information is not narrowed down to your company’s specific needs. On the other hand, a response list is a more expensive investment. It generates higher response rate from your leads because the information is sifted according to your company’s qualifications. Note that the list you will acquire is not always 100% accurate. But if you have proved that you cannot obtain at least 60% to 70% response rate from those information, then you are entitled a refund or reimbursement from the list broker.

Do Your Research

It is hard to find an efficient list broker because you will never know that the data they provide is active and accurate until you are in the process of sending leads direct mails or you are actually receiving responses already. Therefore, to avoid scams and unreliable list brokers, conduct a brief but thorough investigation on your shortlisted list brokers. Ask for client referrals and constructive feedbacks from their previous projects so you can weigh your options equally. Unlike the traditional medium of advertising, email and direct listing is relatively cheaper because you do not need to manage your own team. But if it is not monitored and handled correctly, it might lead to waste of resources.