How to Get Free Mailing Lists

It’s important for businesses to have mailing lists in their arsenal for marketing and advertising their products and services. There are ways to get free mailing lists if you are on a tight budget.

It is true that buying a mailing list from brokers can save you thousands of bucks than advertising through the traditional television and print marketing. What is more advantageous is that you can keep a copy of your prospects’ contacts for future campaigns instead of just staring at figures on how traditional marketing can increase your sales. With mail listing, the amount of effort you do in reaching out to your clients is equivalent to the number of sales you can make. All is fair, as they say. You just have to buy that mailing list from brokers and you are off to go. But wouldn’t it be so ideal if you can have that list for free? You just need a bundle of paper with contact information in it and you can start getting in touch with new set of clients either through email or direct mail postage. Here are some tips on how you can get free mailing list.

Become a member of an exclusive organization.

Buy exclusive membership from an organization of your choice. You can have the opportunity to choose a particular niche and then scout for organizations catering to that. Buy a premium membership so you can get access to all contact information of the members of that club. Take note that these organizations are not created to provide everyone with contact information but to create a community talking about their same interest. Buying memberships can actually assure you of getting active contacts than buying a plain mailing list from email listing companies, primarily because you will know how long the users have been active and how recently they have updated their profiles. Plus, you have all the reason in the world to tell that prospect that you have stumbled over their account from the same online membership.

Try your local government agency.

Ask from government agencies. Do this if you are already registered and only when you intend to conduct legitimate business. We all know that not all online marketing is legit; some are scams. But if you are serious in promoting your product or service to a diverse group of audience and you are ready to serve them outright, then you can head onto government agencies to ask for contact information. Usually, they will give you prospects who are running a particular business. It would be quite difficult to obtain personal information of private individuals because it is a violation of the privacy act.

Go the yellow page route.

If you are unable to obtain these via government agencies, go over your recent issue of yellow pages where you can find residential and business listings. This is the most convenient way of getting a list without spending even a cent; however, know that this is not sorted and you will spend a lot of time making pre-calls just to sift through thousands of entries.

Utilize social media sites.

Start building a community through social media marketing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal places to start a community. You can invite prospects to your site and request them for their particular information. Though be aware that not all of them will actually grant your request because most of them are aware of the security and privacy dangers.