The Difference between List Broker and List Compiler

You may have come across the terms list broker and list compiler in your research for buying or renting mailing lists. Find out what differentiates one from the other by reading below.

You need to set a distinction between a list broker and list compiler when you decide whether to rent or purchase email lists. It is important to know the basic difference so you can save money and time. Email list brokers do not have any lists in their possession. As the designation implies, the person serves as an agent for entrepreneurs or business entities who want to obtain this directory from people or firms who compiled this list for a fee. The list compiler crafted the actual list and is knowledgeable about the sources of this list. The legitimate compiler has a list sourced from credible sources and not merely by copying names of Internet users who posed this information online such as forums and registration procedures.

Roles of Brokers and Compilers

Is it reasonable to forego the middle man? It may not make sense to go to the list compiler every time. This person may have a mailing list but not the actual directory that you require. In short, it is not only the money that you pay the broker that matters. It may be essential to deal with mailing list brokers given this scenario. Besides, compilers do not usually like to deal with small entrepreneurs since these people have their own operations to manage. These people are not after renting out a list containing 2,000 contacts but an entire list of probably 300,000 people.

On the other hand, the broker can represent only one or more data list. These people concentrate on various kinds of lists and market the information for a certain percentage. This commission is paid by the owner of the list so there is no cost to the user. The experienced service provider has the capability to provide directions regarding lists that you can use for your enterprise. Email list brokers usually acquire lists from companies that research, produce and update these directories. These can be sold directly or through the massive network of brokers in the country. Although there are about 180 compilers registered with the Direct Marketing Association, there are only a few companies that possess considerable market share and income.

List Compiler versus List Broker

There are also advantages if you opt to get your list directly from the entity that produced the list. You communicate with the source of the data and will therefore be very familiar with this information. It is possible that you pay less than if you were to procure the mailing list from the broker. While the rates may be the same, some middle men incorporate additional fees so the total price may be a bit lower if you were to order from the list compiler. An example is that if you decide to get only a few names, the list compiler may give the list for only $300 which is definitely lower than the payment charged by the broker. Many people selling lists are also brokers. These middle men focus on catering to specific market segments such as target audiences and industries wherein similar commodities and services are developed and sold using parallel methodologies.