Tips for Renting Mailing Lists

Renting, instead of buying, mailing lists can be effective when implementing a direct marketing campaign. Read this guide for mailing list rentals.

The widespread notion in internet marketing is that it is not advisable to buy mailing lists. Nonetheless, professional marketers are still pondering the possible advantages and disadvantages of using the list rental or sponsored mailing scheme. Clever marketing experts prefer the direct mail technique since it can easily be quantified. It is easy to find out marketing initiatives that failed and those which turned out well. Direct mail marketing is still a critical component of the marketing mix of small entrepreneurs. You can always put together a directory of present clients for customer retention purposes. On the other hand, acquiring new prospects will entail rental of a mailing list.

Pointers in Direct Mail List Rentals

Here are a few pointers that can help you out with renting mail lists. You must find out the frequency of using this list so you can find out the corresponding rates. Start this activity by identifying the number of times you intend to use this list. Try using it once to ascertain if this will work for you.

The list should work for your enterprise so craft a profile of your clientele which delineates the demographics of potential clients. Getting acquainted with intended customers and building up a particular profile will help you limit the innumerable choices. A fundamental summary of the direct mailing list highlights the gender, locality, earnings, age group, and preferences of the customer. It is possible to find choices based on demographic information or recent response and purchases. Try to reduce your targets to consumers who will most likely respond to your offer. One maxim in direct marketing is that recent behavior predicts future actions. This means it may be worthwhile to avail of the rental lists.

Email List Brokers

If you plan to collaborate with email list brokers, look for someone who is legitimate. A lot of conventional agents deal with both email and direct marketing lists. This can be the most practical mode of searching for a rental list. You have better chances of success by transacting business with these brokers. It is mandatory for you to be aware of the standard rates of genuine mailing lists. Be careful of lists that are way below the acceptable fair market value. Ask for a data card. This tool applies to both off-line and online directories. It provides information regarding the method used in acquiring the names of contacts in the electronic mailing list. If the names were obtained from the web, check out the website to confirm that the opt-in-language is well-known. When you have the file ready, submit this to your broker who will do the actual sending for you. The objective here is to safeguard the veracity of the list. This will also ensure that any spam mail issues will be the responsibility of the broker.

Never send the list on your own. In case someone offers a list and asks you to take care of the actual transmission, make sure to decline the offer. Test a sample before making arrangements with the owner of the list rental. Monitor the capacity of the deliverability before signing a list rental agreement. Ask for the Internet Provider addresses that your e-mail will be sent from. Do your research on reputation and deliverability as soon as you get this information.